The Death of Bubbles

Grab your rubber ducky, and hold him close for this read. We’re talking the dirty truth about the cleanest part of your day – Bath Time. A traditionally fun, froth-filled, lather laden event partaking in the bath tub, shower or sink for those new little humans. Unfortunately, it’s come to our attention that the general population may have been blindsided for some time regarding what they’re really using to get clean.

Though the “Green Clean” and “Sulfate/Paraben Free” Movements are relatively new to the scene of cosmetics and beauty care, this trend of enlightenment should not be mistaken as a fad. You, the consumer, have been the belly of the cruel joke on cosmetic safety and care for years. Not only you, but your family as well. That little bundle of joy may have already seen his or her fill of formaldehyde ridden baby wash or parfume ridden lotion without you even knowing it.
This is not to scare you by any means, or send you into a panic induced purge for every single product in your cleaning cabinet and shower caddy. However, it’s something we as a consumer populace need to open our eyes to. Instead of recognizing what is natural and wholesome within our home products, we (yes we are guilty too) tend to ridicule the integrity and effectiveness based on shallow and hollow notions that suds equals clean. Why? When we don’t see ‘bubbles’ our first concern following the lack of luster by rich, frothy, obnoxious lather is “are we truly clean now?” Say it isn’t so… bubbles mean nothing.
Do you know where bubbles and lather actually come from? Chemicals. Chemicals mixing with other chemicals, creating a new chemical reaction that equals chemical-induced bubbles. I mean really, when do we see maintained, rich, luscious, giant-size bubbles in Nature? Often times the chemicals of choice for said products are sulfates. Maybe you’ve heard of sulfates? It’s a dirty S-word in the realm of natural products. The general consensus is they’re and unnecessary and often dangerous addition to any consumer product; especially those used on skin and with children.
They go by many names, frequently changing their “stage name” to overcome ongoing activists from exposing their true identity.
Go figure – we’ve been using sulfates for years. More-so in the last 5-10 years with the vast production of “new & better” cleaners and detergents that require an inexpensive & vast quantity for supply and demand production. The result – more children and adults with skin conditions, sensitivities, allergic reactions, etc. Most recently, sulfates have been linked to cancers, neurological disorders, and even degenerative diseases. Common culprits of the sulfate species include: SLS (Sodium laureate sulfate) & (Sodium laurel sulfate/sulfoacetate), Sodium myrrh sulfate, SLSa, Sodium Xylenesulfonate… the list goes on, and on. 
Where do we draw the line for these harsh chemicals that have no business intruding on our fun, sing-a-long bath time? We just say no to bubbles. As health-conscious consumers we must choose between lather or health. Honestly, is a little froth worth that troublesome rash later on, or worse?

Maybe for some it is. Personally, I’ll take the high road of  cleaning little one’s bottom with my vegetable-based soaps and swallow my angst for bubbles over safety. After-all, I don’t remember the last time I saw coconuts being recalled for causing cancer.


This article was inspired by our own Bubble Bath by Whole Life. Though it may not produce the suds you’re accustomed to, we assure you it won’t later be linked to a debilitating disease.


We make our Bubble Bath with all natural, plant-based ingredients including Vegetable Glycerin & Coconut-derived Decyl Glucoside, scented with Natural Botanicals & Essential Oils. Quaint & faint bubbles will be present for your next bath, but this is not meant to represent it’s efficacy or richness as a moisturizing & soothing cleanser for your little one!

When choosing a "natural" product, look for this label!
When choosing a “natural” product, look for this label!
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  1. Wow, great information here! Thanks!

  2. This is why I make all my soap products and cleaning supplies.

  3. Wow! Thanks for this info! It makes me think about how I bathe my son!

  4. I hate the thought of what is in cleaning and bath products-this is great information!

  5. I love it when people come together and share views,
    great site, keep it up.

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