Nipple Cream

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Whether breastfeeding or pumping on a regular basis, a mama’s nipples undergo a lot of abuse and often endure a lot of pain. Which is why high-quality, healing, soothing nipple butter is a necessity. Enjoy our all-natural Nipple Cream and save the Ta-tas!


Made with only organic ingredients, this nipple cream helps relieve irritation and helps revitalize sensitive, sore or chapped nursing nipples. Herb-infused organic oils, crafted in small batches, deeply hydrates and soothes skin naturally with the powers of Organic* Calendula & Chamomile buds.

2oz Nipple Cream

To Use: Apply a thin layer to dry nipples and areola (sore or not) just after nursing (it should glisten a bit, but not be too heavy). Wipe off any remnant before nursing baby again if preferred. *This product is safe to use with cloth nursing pads.


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