Aroma Play Doh


Aroma Play Doh is our fun & oh-so soft sensory play dough. The only limit is your imagination. Pick your favorite Doh and Collect them all. Perfect for just trying a few, or replacing one or two!


Every Color in Aroma Play products are scented with their own individual scent, which makes unplugged fun appealing for all of the senses.

The 7 original colors mimic the natural colors of the Rainbow and are equally scented throughout the collection.

The Color & Scent coordination for all of Aroma Play Original:

Purple smells like… Lavender

Blue smells like… Spearmint

Green smells like… Lime

Yellow smells like… Lemon

Orange smells like… Wild Orange

Red smells like… Cinnamon

Pink smells like… Geranium

Additional information


The Aroma Play Collection is Recommended for Ages 2+ Aroma Play Doh Ingredients: Organic* Flour, Sodium Chloride, Cream of Tartar, Purified Water, Organic* Sweet Almond Oil, Natural Mica Dyes, Essential Oils (<1%)


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