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I’m sure we have all said it before.. the best love story is the one we call our own. Well, this cold never be more true in our case. Our story is one filled with ups and downs just like many others share, but in the end we continue to grow as a family whom strives for a fuller, happier, whole life.


Whole Life was founded thanks to a little baby. Yep, you read that right. A sweet little boy is who to thank for this amazing health and wellness company that is taking on the green movement and revolution by storm. Our son Raylan was the inspiration to change our lives for the better. With just the simple alteration of our diets, we gained more energy. It was a few essential oils shared by some friends that opened our eyes to the world of holistic medicine and naturopathic alternatives. A few documentary and wine nights courtesy of Netflix & Trader Joe’s shed light on the travesties our world is facing due to global warming, ocean purging, and agriculture abuse. It was the choice to rewrite our shopping list from “healthy foods” to a stricter Non-GMO, Organic, and humanely treated regimen. All of these changes.. were for that one little being.

Looking back now, our little man is exactly how I define what is Whole Life to me.

Our goal in creating Whole Life is to help find your own definition and help improve your lifestyle as we did our own. But, how do we accomplish that? The answer is short and sweet. We teach each other, and grow together.

Just as a garden filled with different crops, herbs and flowers tends to flourish more than one of a single produce, this community we hope to expand and build shall do the same. Through regular blog posts, forum discussions, newsletter articles, and DIY tutorials – we can share with one another how we live the whole life. Are you looking for help with a diet, meal plan or just getting your feet wet with more healthy eats? Let us share recipes, tips, cooking tips & more! If you find yourself longing to makeover that medicine cabinet, cleaning cupboard or beauty drawer of yours – we may just have a product perfect for you that is made with all natural ingredients and toxin free.

The change doesn’t have to be overnight – it shouldn’t be overnight. Though different for everyone, it could take weeks, months or years. However, one thing is for certain. It’s easier than you think!



We here at Whole Life & Services aim to arm you with the tools you need for success in living life naturally. In doing so we offer both all natural products at reasonable prices & we teach you how to make them yourself.

In keeping true and honest to our philosophy and mission, you may find some quirks (we consider specialties) to our brand and product line that set us apart from other Wellness Companies:

  • We are an independent, family owned company.
  • We are not bought out or owned by anyone else or any other entity other than ourselves.
  • We make & oversee the production of all of our products within the U.S.
  • Our ingredients are simply organic, easy to pronounce, available to disclose, and always artificial-preservative & additive-free.
  • We strive for long-term sustainability. Our packaging may change as part of this aspiration, however our products stay the same.
  • We recycle and encourage others to do the same through green programs and incentive activities.
  • We do our best to maintain the upmost sustainable sources for all of our products (including ingredients and packaging)

So, you see, Our Story is one we are proud of. We hope to hear your stories and would love for you to share them with us.


Together we can make this world a beautiful place for ourselves and our children.

Just live the Whole Life, a little back to the basics, and you won’t go wrong.

Angel, Ray, Raylan & Scarlet at

The Whole Life Co.

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