Four Awesomely (Inexpensive) Activities for the Fourth

4 Awesomely Inexpensive Things to Do This 4th of July!

The Fourth of July is my favorite day of the whole year! Why, you ask? Well, friends, that would be because the greatest country in the world and I share a birthday! Yes, yes! And what kind of birthday would it be without some fun, cheap (and even free!) activities to do? Take a look at some of the activities I plan on doing this year!



1. Bottle Rocket Decorations
Now these things are going to look
great in my yard, I know they’ll look great in yours too!! They were super easy to make. All you need is some paper towel rolls, paint, paper, and skewer sticks. And TAPE! And if you wanna add that extra flare, some ribbon! These things look like they’re ready to blast off!!

Simply decorate your cardboard rolls (we like to call this “up cycling” with paint, colored construction paper, or media of your choice.

Form little cones or rocket toppers using construction paper or more cardboard. Secure with glue or hefty tape, and add your skewers through the bottom creating little nifty stands! Add confetti or ribbon as your “firework flames” – and you are ready for lift off with these fun and inexpensive (practically free) firework rockets!
Who said you had to cross state borders for the good fireworks?




2. The Fruit Flag

Who doesn’t love a flag made of fruit?! If you say “me”, I’ll tell you you’re full of crap. Everyone loves a flag made out of fruit.. it just screams “‘Merica!” All you need for this is your choice of red, white, and blue fruit and some of the skewer sticks you used to make your bottle rocker decorations. Simple and delicious.
My family is going to love it
There’s a fruit to tickle everyones patriotic fancy. My favorite fruit of choice: strawberries (red), watermelon (red), raspberries (red), cherries (red), grapes (red).
Next its blue time; blueberries (blue) or black raspberries (blue-ish).
Finally, let’s hear it for the whitefish fruit; bananas (white), pears (white), pineapple (white-ish) or you can get even more crafty and use cheese to make it a fruit & cheese platter!



3. Open Market Celebrations


These things are gold. If you find one, don’t expect to leave for awhile. I’m sure your kids won’t let you, anyway!

By market, we’re also referring to farmer’s markets, fairs, carnivals, art festivals, parades with vendors and food trucks and so on.. Like I said, gold.

Don’t fret, you will probably be having too much fun to worry about the time. Play some games, win a pet goldfish, remember your sunscreen, and enjoy those Americana vibes!



4. Fireworks

Of course, we saved the best for the “grande finale”! The most exciting, and my favorite, part of the day… If you wanna know what it feels like to have your ears ringing for an extended period of time, go watch a fireworks display!

Here’s a link to a website so you can find your nearest firework display location! You won’t be disappointed, trust me!





Meet the Author:

Meet the Author - Abbey
Meet the Author – Abbey

This article was written by Abbey! Abbey is a mom of two who spends her days watching Scooby Doo with her toddler and breastfeeding her two month old. She writes on nutrition, fitness, and her crunchy life.

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