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Don’t Kale My Vibe: The Real Benefits of Kale

Kale is like so trendy right now! But, why? What is it about this leafy green that all the hipsters are raving about? We take an inside look and give you the whole perspective as we explore the true benefits of Kale; along with a few favorite recipes, tips for picking, and more!

Low in calories, high in fiber, zero fat content, and so much more, Kale is probably the most nutritious vegetable you can find today. Let’s look at some of the nutritional facts, shall we! (more…)

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The Must Have Produce for Summer

We all loathe the list of fruits & and vegetables that are deemed unworthy of our precious produce budget. Instead of skipping on the much needed Vitamin A, C & Fiber – enjoy these seasonal Summer favorites instead!

Everyone knows that all fruits and vegetables have a season, right? If you didn’t, they do! The objective for every produce purchase is to buy those fruits and vegetables that are naturally in season. In fact, nutritionists agree that those fruits and vegetables picked at the peak of freshness and in season hold more nutritional benefits than their out of season counterparts. When you buy a fruit or vegetable that isn’t in season, who really knows where it came from or how it was raised… It probably was not organically grown. We’re using probably very liberally. In reality, that bushel of strawberries you bought in your home state of Kansas in the dead of May are more than likely a form of franken-food; lacking the true essence of a strawberry along with the health benefits.
In short, stay clear of out of season product when possible.

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Are You Living Healthy?

What is Healthy Living?

Healthy living, by definition, is just that – “health” and “living.”


Healthy living encompasses much more than just food and exercise. It embodies everything else in your life; your home, your work environment and even your relationships with others. I mean sure, it is great that you are eating organic, grass-fed and even Non-GMO foods, but what else?


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