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Hello Aroma Play!

The Aroma Play Collection is a revolutionary Multi-Sensory Collection of activities for the Free Range Child. All natural & non-toxic ingredients make Aroma Play fun & safe for the Whole Family. All Aroma Play Products are ethically sourced, non-toxic, and vegan.


Every Color in Aroma Play products are scented with their own individual scent, which makes unplugged fun appealing for all of the senses.

The 7 original colors mimic the natural colors of the Rainbow and are equally scented throughout the collection.



Aroma Play Doh is our fun & oh-so soft sensory play dough. Aroma Play Jewels are gem shaped crayons and are perfect for small hands to easily grip & build dexterity. Aroma Play Lakes are reusable paint pucks for easy and less-mess watercolor art.


The Color & Scent coordination for all of Aroma Play Original:

Purple smells like… Lavender

Blue smells like… Spearmint

Green smells like… Lime

Yellow smells like… Lemon

Orange smells like… Wild Orange

Red smells like… Cinnamon

Pink smells like… Geranium

Our Aroma Play Collection is to be released April 2017 in support of Autism Awareness Month. A portion of all sales will be donated to Autism Awareness organization by The Whole Life Co. If you would like to be notified upon the release of our Aroma Play Collection, please join our Newsletter & Club Whole Life.


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A: Not to worry! We made sure you to provide you with all the tools you need to use our exclusive essential oil blends safely, effectively, and with confidence (regardless of your personal experience or knowledge for essential oils). Every essential oil blend comes with a detailed set of Instructions for Use, Ingredients and Cautionary Disclaimer right on the bottle. Because our essential oil blends are formulated for everyday use, they are adequately diluted with carrier oils for age appropriate use. This means they may be used as needed without worry of using too much!

Q: The products I ordered don’t resemble those pictured on the website. Was there a mix up?

A: In an attempt to find the most sustainable and environmentally friendly sources for our products 24/7, some items may be different than those pictured. We are constantly improving to minimize our commerce & carbon footprint through our brand. Our packaging may change, labels may evolve and product list may expand, but rest assured these are improvements to the goods you love! Sizes and quantities will remain the same, unless otherwise noted.

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A: Products by Whole Life & Services are made with natural, pure, and organic ingredients. There are no “fillers”, additives, soluble perfumes, or synthetic preservatives. This makes them susceptible to slight variations in color, natural separation, discoloration, settling, bits of bounty herbs & flowers and even expiration. This is completely normal for all natural products without artificial preservatives. If you notice separation has occurred, shake well prior to use and store all products in a cool, dry space. See Terms & Conditions Section A for more details.

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